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Dear Earthlings,

Yes! I’m talking to all seven billion of you. I don’t think we’ve ever formally met, but I guess images from your mainstream media have made you all to know a great deal about me. Please pardon my manners for not introducing myself straight away. My name is Mother Earth; some of you call me nature, while others fondly call me Mother Nature. Look around, I’m possibly the closest thing to you, if just maybe there is a bit of me left undestroyed. Just so that you know, I am seen as the sea, the forest, the ocean, the soil, the climate and just everything including the air you breathe.

Like the unconditional affection of any mother, I have nursed you right from the cradle of your civilization. I shed tears of sweet affection when you make giant strides to become the race you are. Before you became the ‘selfish’ people you are today, I have grinned with great delight and warm thoughts when you ‘fought’ to protect the very essence of your existence, which is your shared humanity. Since sharing is caring, I have graciously given my resources to every single human being since time immemorial, and never for once asked for anything in return.

You, going astray, my child, have made me feel the dull ache of loss as though it prised open my hand, and taken something of mine. Lately, your erratic behavior has been downright worrying, given your wanton destruction of my resources for your selfish needs. I watch you with grave disapproval when you abuse and misuse me. I shed tears as rain to wash it all away, but the harder I scrub the dirtier I become. I try to reach out to you through glaring signs of global warming, but you’re just so absorbed in your greedy quest, to listen for just a second.

But how much longer will this continue, and at what cost to the things I value? Like a double edged nature of a good teacher, Mother Nature is kind and patient, but she can also be harsh and stern. With what you are doing, your race is like an accident waiting to happen whilst eking out its existence.

I have evolved beyond anger, and so, I have cast aside my aspersions. I’m now trying to reach out to you all in the only place left that hasn’t been bought or sold, cleared, cut or mined: which is your heart. At the heart of this clarion call is not a desire to point an accusing finger. We’re all in this together; you’re part of me and I am a part of you; your books call it an ecosystem. In mathematics, as one of your books is fondly called, you were taught about set; a diagrammatic expression of overlapping circles. The overlapping area is called “union”. So also is your humanity; in spite of differing personality, religion, color, ethnicity and value system, there still exists a place of commonality, and that is the ecosystem.

You often talk about the rights of women, immigrants, and animals. Yet the rights of your future generations are rarely mentioned, despite the fact that their very ability to exist is threatened by your actions today. Your ancient Indian proverb often says “treat the earth well; it was not given to you by your parent, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Now, I’m on the dialogue table, sitting and hoping you come join me, so we can forge a new cause. Is it too much to ask not to use non-eco-friendly or non-energy-saving appliances such as incandescent bulb? Can you for once, unplug appliances that are not in use? If only you can decide to eat only organic food not produced from agricultural chemicals which affect the environment. I see no reason why you shouldn’t choose only products made from natural, sustainably production materials (biodegradables).  For once, think less about yourself by deciding to make concerted effort in getting involved in volunteering for local environmental efforts such as starting a community garden or planting tree. Better still, see reason with me in joining an advocacy organization and share the news through both your social and print media platforms.

In similar fashion, I can only hope you vote only for candidates whom are environmentally conscious with eco-friendly manifesto. Again, it is for your best interest that I pray you see reasons to advocate for hands-on environmental education programs and create awareness through writing letters to the editor of newspapers expressing your stance on environmental issues. Like the proverbial “many drops of water make a sea” I believe, far too important that this seemingly little actions would have a profound and far reaching effects.

Just like the way each individual finger cannot perform any function no matter how independent it is, so, it is with the earth that I have given to you – your strength lies in your diversity and the better you begin to learn and understand that you need me more than I need you, the better for your race. For I am nature, always have been, always will be.

Yours in loving,

Mother Nature

Please share and stop this ill-behaviour against Mother Earth

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