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See why Emma Morano Lived Up to 117

Emma Morano(29 November 1899 – 15 April 2017) was an Italian supercentenarian who, before her death at the age of 117 years and 137 days, was the world’s oldest living person whose age had been verified, and the last living person to have been verified as being born in the 1800s

The world’s oldest person, who turns 117 on November 29, has given us a clue as to how she’s achieved such longevity.

Speaking to Agence France-Presse in her home, Morano revealed what she eats in a typical day.

“I eat two eggs a day and that’s it,” she said. “I eat cookies.”

But it’s not in the eggs themselves, perhaps, that the secret lies, but in their preparation ― or in her case, lack thereof. Morano has said she’s eaten two eggs raw for decades since a doctor told her it would help her anemia. (The cookies sound much more appetizing.)

Other than that, the oldest woman says she’s lived a long life thanks to not being “dominated” by anyone and to staying single since she divorced in her late 30s.

Her doctor, Carlo Bava, says it’s not just her longevity, but her resilience that’s astounding.

“Despite everything she always recovers,” he told AFP. “When she is well, she really is well.”

What a woman.see her picture  below

According to Science,Longetivity is dependent on Diet, Exercise,Sendentary lifesyle  and your Genetic makeup.Luck and genetics play roles in longevity, of course, but you can’t control that.

GoodNews !

To hike your odds of hitting 100, focus on what you can do, like loading up on fruits and veggies , working out five days a week , and cutting down on stress and of course,enjoy your sleep

Big news for anyone born after the year 2000: They’ll probably live to 100, according to research from Denmark. That’s roughly 20 years longer than the life expectancy of the rest of us. But we could live that long, too, says Walter Bortz II, MD, a clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University: “What’s holding us back are bad habits.”


 We’re looking forward to Living that long and still remain healthy

see video below:

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